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Possible sizes that can vary depending on products:

600x300 mm




All Prices to items in this category are set to 50EUR, it does not reflect the actual price, and if you are interested in these products, please contact us and we will share prices and an estimated time of delivery.

MOQ for these products are 100m2

High-Level Environmental Protection

Our process emits no waste, consumes low energy, and utilizes renewable energy sources like cogeneration and photovoltaic power, reducing the high energy consumption and pollution associated with traditional materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, cement, plastic, and rubber.

Intelligent & High-Value

With proprietary technology, our innovative econic clay coverings system combines molding and 3D-TECH manufacturing to create a unique environmental protection technology matrix. Our 3D technology integrates scanning, modification, and printing, accurately replicating natural materials with a high-end visual texture and gentle touch.

High Performance

We can adjust the physical and chemical properties, such as flexibility, hardness, strength, and thickness, to meet architectural design requirements.


By adjusting the formula, product structure, and molding method, we can develop materials with functions like constant temperature, negative oxygen ions, photovoltaic, luminescence, and antibacterial properties.


Econic clay coverings allow precise control over material procurement, project quality, and cost. Using our system can save over 30% in comprehensive costs compared to traditional construction materials.

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