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Self-adhesive Acoustic Felt Panel Circles Light Gray 18mm

Self-adhesive Acoustic Felt Panel Circles Light Gray 18mm

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Wall panels are made with the aim of improving sound acoustics in apartments and private houses, as well as in commercial premises, educational institutions, and industrial facilities.

- Sound absorbing material NRC (sound reduction coefficient) in the range of 0.45–0.90.

Effects of panels:
- Reduces reverberation and poor acoustics.
- Promotes concentration and productivity.
- Reduces anxiety.
- Creates a better indoor climate.

Panels are made from recycled plastic bottles. The felt is a soft, strong material that demonstrates excellent acoustic performance and durability.

Installation of panels: installation of the panels is very simple because the back of the panels is covered with strong adhesive tape.
After tearing off the tape liner, stick the panels on a dry, smooth surface.
Use a straightedge to glue the panels straight on the wall.

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