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Price given is per sqm.

High-level environmental protection:

The product process has no waste emissions, low energy consumption, and can use renewable energy such as cogeneration and photovoltaic power generation as production power, thus reducing the social problems of high energy consumption, pollution, and high emissions in the production and use of traditional materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, cement, plastic and rubber.

Intelligent & High-value:

With independent intellectual property rights, the world's innovative environmental protection econic clay coverings technology, combining molding technology and 3D-TECH manufacturing technology, forms a unique technology matrix of environmental protection econic clay coverings system.

3D technology integrates scanning, modification and printing, and is precisely synthesized with unique soil embryos to perfectly restore various natural materials, with a gentle touch, high-end visual texture and agility.

High performance:

The physical and chemical performance indexes can be adjusted according to the architectural design requirements, such as flexibility, hardness, strength and thickness, which can meet the needs of users.


A series of functional materials can be developed by adjusting the formula, product structure and molding method, such as constant temperature, negative oxygen ion, photovoltaic, luminescence and antibacterial.


Econic clay coverings are very conducive to accurate control of material procurement, project quality and cost budget. If the whole building uses econic clay coverings system products, the comprehensive cost savings can be more than 30% compared to the traditional construction materials supply chain for each procurement.
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